10 Historic Sites to See in Boston

The city of Boston is filled with historical sites that provide a rich cultural experience. For any visitor planning on taking a trip to Boston, I recommend hitting up these ten must see spots.

Boston Common


The Boston Common spans 50 acres and is the Freedom Trail starting place, many famed public speeches have been held on the grounds, including some given by Martin Luther King Jr and Pope John Paul II.

Bunker Hill Monument


The historical site of the Battle at Bunker Hill, the first major battle fought in the American Revolution and won by early colonist. The Bunker Hill Monument was erected in remembrance of the strength and determination of the early colonist who fought to defend their right to freedom from Britain.

Charlestown Navy Yard


The historical 30 acre Charlestown Navy Yard is home to the USS Constitution, the oldest warship that remains afloat today.

Boston Public Library


Architect Charles Follen McKim designed the plans that erected the Boston Public Library in 1848, it’s surrounded by impressive detailed statues and consist of multiple interior inscriptions that span the entire length of the library.

Faneuil Hall


Peter Faneuil provided the funding and built Faneuil Hall in 1742 to give the city of Boston a gift for all to enjoy, it has served as a marketplace to patrons since it’s original opening date.

Old South Meeting House


A meeting house that led to the American Revolution one vote at a time, the Old South Meeting House was also home to the historical Boston Tea Party.

Bull and Finch Pub


The Bull and Finch Pub opened it’s doors in 1969, the exterior was the shot of the popular TV show Cheers, but actually the inside looks nothing like the set! To get that, head to the Cheers bar in Faniuel Hall.

Union Oyster House


The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in Boston and has remained a restaurant since 1826, it’s believed that the building was erected around 1626, however there;s a lack of city records that could prove the exact date.

Fenway Park


The doors to Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912 and is home to the Boston Red Sox, the first game was played against the New York Highlanders, who later became the New York Yankees and was won by Boston.

Custom House Tower


The building of Custom House Tower was completed in 1910, it currently stands 496 ft and is the 17th tallest skyscraper in Boston.

Hit all of these spots, and you are going to see some of the very best of Boston.