Photography Friday – Expedition1000 Edition

Minneapolis! After 500 miles of paddling (a pretty amazing feat in itself), Dave hit the big city this week, and is still going strong. After giving a great talk with the amazing people over at Midwest Mountaineering earlier this week, the people of La Crosse, Wisconsin get their turn next week.

If you are in the La Crosse area, swing by the Myrick Ecopark on Monday July 18th at 7pm to hear Dave talk about Expedition1000, his experience thus far traveling the Mississippi, and future journeys.

All photography copyright to Dave Cornthwaite


Luckily for the next month, Dave will have a bunch of company on the Mississippi, including Tom Evans of Exceed Possibility – who has his own great adventure blog.

Help encourage Dave and Tom as they go down the river by sponsoring some Mississippi Miles!

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