13 Weekends

Photo: Tommy Schultz http://www.tommyschultz.com/

From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are 13 weekends. For most of us in the US who face varying degrees of weather torture, those 13 precious weekends are the gold standard.

Come the end of May, we’re off to the races, packing every single weekend with stuff to do, places to go, trying to suck every last drop of daylight out of the summer. Then before we know it, poof, it’s over, September rears its head, and we go back into hibernation for six months.

But we also know that summer is when the prices rise. Gas goes up, hotels get booked, the beach is jam packed with blankets not a patch of sand to spare.

So is that it? Does life suck on May 19th and suddenly turns up a notch on May 26th? No. Life goes on, things still happen outdoors, people still vacation in January, just like they do in July.

But the rush is on.

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  • I think as I get older I have learned to appreciate not just “sunny” weather, but the myriad of climates and seasons that occur. Everyday is different, but yeah…sunshine doesnt help. On the road to Sonoma …now.

    Cheers, Turner

    • Hurt*** not help, doh

    • Liz

      Totally agree. I’ve learned that it’s still great to be out in the winter doing hiking or snowshoeing, it opens up a whole new world of activities to do and places to go (and most times they are cheaper too).

  • How sad! Once you put the numbers there, makes it seem like so little time. However, I love to travel in the Fall (and not just for football – most of my big trips are in the Fall) so things are just beginning for me.

    I do hate the high prices and crowds of summer. I know that is when most people go but that is why Spring and Fall are awesome times as well (with lower prices and fewer people). Plus, you aren’t restricted to just those 13 weekends.

    • Liz

      100% agree, I find myself now making more plans for the spring and fall than the summer. I spent time in Apsen in early November and it was amazing (and off-season).

  • I know exactly what you mean – it’s even worse for us British people… we’re havign a mini heatwave at the moment and literally half the office is “off work sick” or having “emergancy dentist appointments” from around 1pm every day… we just can’t bear to be away from it because it’s so fickle! x

    • Liz

      Ha ha, I know how you feeling living in New England, we have some very defined seasons and once that summer break comes there are plenty of ‘sick days’ on Friday’s and Monday’s.

  • Wow, it really does sound painfully short when you quantify it like that. Oh, rat race… you are so strange. The things we do to ourselves…

    • Liz

      Preach it out girl, you soon will be exiting left!