Adrenaline Rush in Cairns

Looking for a bit of adventure on your next holiday, check out Cairns, Australia. It’s an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts looking to participate in adrenaline pumping activities.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

cairns australia diving


Diving in the Great Barrier Reef offers thrill and excitement to anyone who takes one of the Cairns tours out to the reef. When you visit Cairns, you can not miss five hours of diving or snorkeling at some of the best Great Barrier Reef locations. A cruise will be your best choice, where you will be served an Aussie Barbecue lunch.

If you don’t know how to scuba, not to fear, plenty of the local outfitters will offer lessons or snorkel trips to get a similar experience.

Helicopter Tours

Flying in a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef is never a bad idea. Taking a scenic Cairns helicopter tours over the stunning and exotic Great Barrier Reef, has to be one of life’s most memorable experiences.

Many people say this is one of the most amazing of all the tours you can take in Cairns, filled with spectacular scenery and just incredible views for miles and miles.

White Water Rafting

cairns australia tully river


You should not miss rafting on the white waters of Tully River. A full day white-water rafting will be one of the best experiences you have in Cairns. White water rafting in the Tully river is one of the best and most popular rafting trips in all of Australia.

Your raft will wind through the rain forest while passing through intense grade 4 rapids. This white water experience will leave you completely speechless and full of an adrenaline rush. Moreover, rafting in Cairns goes uninterrupted throughout the year. With tropical water temperatures, you can easily access breathtaking rapids and scenery.

Bungy Jumping

Imagine diving head first into the jungles of Australia, to bounce back up and plunge down again. Talk about heart pumping action! You can only have amazing bungy experiences in a handful places around the world, and in this area it has to be one of the top ten for sure.

As you jump from the Cairns Bungy Tower, one of Australia’s most famous bungy jumps, adrenaline will pump through your veins. What a rush!