5 Must See Boston Museums

ica boston

The ICA Boston hangs over Boston Harbor.

We all know I love my home town of Boston, so I have no issues promoting the hell of it on this blog. You’re welcome Mass Vacation!

As one of the oldest cities in the nation, home of the historical tea party and some of the most fantastic architecture in the country, Boston is a fantastic destination of any traveler.

And one of the best ways to learn all about Boston (especially in the winter) is visiting some of the many really cool and unique museums.

Here are 5 of the absolute best that Boston has to offer:.


This is something you won’t find anywhere else, the Mapparium is a three-story glass globe made of stained glass with the countries of earth on the outside. You access it from the Mary Baker Eddy Library where a bridge runs through the inside so it feels like you are in the middle of the Earth looking out.

John F Kennedy Presidential Library

Fancy learning some of the history of one of the most famous Presidents in US history? You can only do that in Boston at the John F Kennedy Presidential Library. Learn about the history of the one of the most popular men in history – from his World War 2 service to his eventual assassination.

Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art is one of the most well renowned art museums in the country, not to mention if you love design, the building itself is really cool too. It contains many examples of fantastic modern art as well as one of the most unique and celebrated building designs you are likely to see. As someone who doesn’t really care for modern art, I’ve really enjoyed my visits there.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Another art gallery, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum contains priceless works of art from around the world. Everything from Italian Renaissance art to European Tapestries. Named after Isabella Stewart, its founder, the museum is located near the Museum Of Fine Art. And it was the focus of one of the most famous heists, still unsolved, in history.

Boston Tea Party Museum

Learn about the history of one of the major events that led to the American Revolution against the British at the Boston Tea Party Museum. It contains the original ships that the Boston Tea Party happened on, as well as dramatic recreations of the events, a real living history experience.

This is just a snapshot of some of the best museums and galleries you have to visit in Boston. Don’t worry there are plenty more, but if you get started with these, you’re well on your way.