6 Travel Peeps on Twitter

If you’re not on Twitter, ummm what? Anyway, if you’re not on Twitter, you should think of joining. Even if you don’t want to tweet, it’s still a very valuable source of information. My sister got so tired of my telling her breaking baseball and political facts that she joined, only to follow her policy wonk nerds and stat geeks.

Anyway, as you know for all the millions and millions of people on Twitter, there are dramatically less who are actually spouting out really interesting and thoughtful stuff on a daily basis. So, I figured I’d compile a list of those people I find interesting for a jumping off point. If any of you have any people you love on Twitter, let me know in the comments section, I’m always down to find interesting people who love to travel.

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Some Favorite Twitter People

@chrisguillebeau – The ultimate travel hacker, Chris tweets about a lot more than travel, but he has some amazing tips and insight on how to live your best life.

@2Backpackers – Jason and Aracely spent extensive time backpacking in South America and have a lot of great posts on places to go and ways to save for trips.

@nomadicmatt – Matt has been traveling for 5 years, so he is basically a huge resource for anything about living abroad.

@EverywhereTrip – Gary has been everywhere and seen pretty much everything, and he takes some really cool travel photos, I get jealous every time.

@almostfearless – Christine is one of the most refreshingly honest bloggers out there, and while currently in Vietnam, has a lot of info on South East Asia.

@1yearsabbatical – Matt is taking a year off to travel the world with his family starting in September, can’t wait to see how it goes.

Who do you follow on Twitter religiously, let me know some of your favorite tweeps! And, you can follow me on Twitter @LFroment.