A New Challenge

Since I have successfully survived a month of blogging, (yay me!), I have been working on some ways behind the scenes to get more people interested in our little blog here.

I have found that communicating to other travel bloggers via their websites and twitter, has been amazing. As a whole, they are a super friendly group, with great sites and volumes of advice. On a daily basis, I read some fantastic posts and am inspired to produce the best quality of content that I can, especially for you guys who are reading this. I want to add value and make sure that when you read a post its interesting, informative, and hopefully, gives you some pause to think.

So, in the spirit of stepping up my game, and getting off the bench I have joined the 1000-1000 Blog Challenge, the brain child of Todd at Todd’s Wanderings. The goal of this challenge is to get 1000 daily visitors and make $1,000 a month off of this blog.

Ok, on this one, I’m not going to lie, I am a very very far way from either of these goals. The most readers I have gotten in a day thus far has been 27, and just that number brought me an inexplicable surge of joy, is there such thing as a blogging high?

But, by doing this, its really a challenge to myself, to make sure I am providing the best posts that I can. And of course the extra money would be very happily plopped right into my very cobweb filled “travel” account in my ING Orange savings plan, thus allowing me to take more vacation, thus providing you with better content. See how it all works, the circle of life!

So, I guess by announcing this, it makes it real, and me accountable, to spend the rest of 2011 kicking ass on this blog.

As always, any suggestions, comments and tips on how any of you think I can start kicking ass is welcomed and appreciated!

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