Some of you might be curious about some of the products I use in traveling, blogging or life, I figured I’d make it easy and put them all in one easy spot. Many of these are free, some are paid, but I highly recommend all of them!

Love this theme? Thanks, I do too, and that’s why I use WooThemes for all my site designs. A really great theme does a lot for any blog and really ups the professionalism. I love all the options WooThemes has, both in designs and once up and running on WordPress. Plus the help forums have always gotten me answers when I was unsure how to do some personal touches.

When I do any sort of outdoor based trips; hiking, camping, paddling, you name it, the first place I check is the REI Outlet. Spending the $20 for a lifetime membership is one of the smartest things you can do! I also was able to get my Osprey Aura 65 travel bag, as well as a lot of other backpacking supplies at REI as well, so make sure to hit it up for sure!

I’m a huge fan of all of the products over at Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity’s Unconventional Guides. I have purchased many of them myself, including becoming a Travel Ninja and the Frequent Flier Master guide. But, his products are so quality, I’d recommend any of the Unconventional Guides.

Tablet Hotels
Sometimes on vacation, I want a little luxury, or a really hot boutique place to stay, we all deserve it once in a while. And what I like even better than luxury, is luxury at a discount. That’s where Tablet Hotels come into play. I always check Tablet Hotels when I’m looking for a little bit of booyea when it comes to my hotel choices, they provide a database of some amazing places to stay all over the world.

Hacking the High Life is a product from my friend Sean Ogle over at Location180, that he created where he shares his most secret and tricky travel hacking tips. You see, Sean likes traveling in luxury (one of the reasons why I like him), but like most of us, he doesn’t have an unlimited bank account, so he figured out ways to be able to get into some of these luxury spots for little to no money. I have learned a ton so far and used some of the tricks to get some great deals. I highly recommend checking it out.