The List

The List – this is a list of items I’d like to do by no means is it an absolute list, it is an ever growing and changing, nor is it a list that I made simply to tick off boxes, but to challenge myself to get out and explore life. You can have your own list if you want, or you can be anti lists, the choice is yours. For me, I like to have a little bit of inspiration.

Must See Destinations:
New Zealand
South Africa
British Columbia
Costa Rica

Special Events:
Eastern Most point in USA at New Year’s Day – First to see New Year in America
Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling – England
Burning Man – USA
Tomatina Festival – Spain
Calgary Stampede – Canada
Visit the Homes of my Ancestors – Ireland, Canada/France, Scotland (newly discovered) and the Azores
Drive Cross Country – USA
Train Ride – Canadian Rockies
Do Lectures – Wales
TED Lectures – USA
World Domination Summit – USA
Oktoberfest – Germany
Christmas – Switzerland

Run a 5K
Finish a Triathalon
Practice Yoga
Try Curling
Long Distance Bike Ride
Ride a Dog Sled

Swim with Sharks
Sky Dive
Ride on a Motorcycle
Climb to the Top of a Legit Mountain
Fly in a Fighter Jet
Run the Bobsled/Skeleton Track at Lake Placid
Swim with Stingrays
Go Caving

Stand on a Glacier
See the Northern Lights
Visit as Many National Parks as I can
Learn How to Make a Campfire
White Water Rafting Trip in Dinosaur National Park
Hike a Section of the Appalachian Trail

Win a Season of Fantasy Baseball
Complete a NY Times Crossword Puzzle
Have a Photograph Published
Write a Book
Win a Hand of Poker at a Casino
Learn to Play an Instrument
Learn How to Fold Origami

Take a Cooking Class in Another Country
Learn Another Language and Converse with a Native
Learn How to Fly Fish
Learn Constellations

Food Frenzy
Know how to make pasta from scratch
Grow a Sustainable Garden
Have a Bison Burger
Make Cheese
Eat at WD~50
Attend Aspen Food and Wine Fest
Eat Fondue on a Mountain Top in Switzerland

Do Gooder:
Help Someone Complete an Item on Their Bucketlist
Finance a Well for Charity: Water
Set up a Scholarship Fund
Give a Microloan
Build a House for Someone Who Needs It
Spend a Month Volunteering in Africa
Buy Land to Save it from Development

Sport’s Fan:
See a Hockey Game in Canada
Go to the Super Bowl
See the America’s Cup
Go to the World Cup
See an English Premiere League Game
See a Baseball Game in Japan
Watch a Rugby Game in New Zealand

Sleep in an Igloo
Sleep in a Hammock
Live in a Different Country at Least 6 Months
Live Outside My Home State
Cut Down My Own Christmas Tree
Meet a President
Skeet Shoot