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Just because I was on vacation last week doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking about places to go and people to see! In case you missed them out there, I wanted to give a little linksy love to two recent guest posts I did on some great sites.

One is on the Colorado National Monument, which I really advise anyone to check out, well worth the trip.

Discovering Colorado National Monument

The other is a little budget travel guide to Newport, RI.

Budget Guide to Newport, RI

A big thanks to Andrea from InsipringTravellers and Jeremy from Budget Travel Adventures for letting me take up a little bit of real estate on their sites. And if you haven’t visited either of these sites, I recommend that you do, you can click on them here, or find them in my new Linky Love page under Favorites up there at the top of the tool bar!

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  • Thanks again for your great guest post! =)

  • Liz

    Of course, thanks Andrea!