Babies and Travel Plans

I suppose I am now ‘of the age’ where my friends start having babies, after I spent the last 5 years attending countless weddings, the stork has started popping up with some regularity in the past year or so.

Speaking with one of my preggers friends the other day, she was telling me about what she called the “Diaper List.” Basically, like a bucket list, its a set of things a couple (or mommies or daddies) want to do before the baby comes.


Relax mom, you deserve it!

It kinda ties into another prospect I’ve been reading about more and more lately, the Baby Moon. Expecting parents plan out a ‘last vacation’ so to speak of just the two of them before the baby comes. After a quick Google search, it’s a big business, there are multiple sites devoted to appropriate Baby Moon planning, guides, deals and destinations.

Parents Magazine recently featured on its website the 8 Best Baby Moon Trips, featuring places that were especially pre-baby friendly (and notably dry of alcohol). Some places had couples massages and pre-natal yoga, while others went as far as an expecting mommy cravings menu, and having various pregnancy friendly pillow options.

I’d be down with a Baby Moon right now, but I guess since there are no babies in my near future, that would just be a….vacation.

So what do you think, have you done a Baby Moon, or working on a Diaper List? Have your travel plans changed because baby is on the way?

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