Bermuda, Here I Come!

Even though I’ve been doing a bit more traveling than usual this year, I haven’t been able to head anywhere really warm. Northern England and Scotland in February isn’t exactly the tropics, if you know what I mean.

That’s why I was immediately in YOLO mode when my sister announced last week not only did she need a vacation, but she was ready to pull the trigger on a cruise to Bermuda if I was down.

Needless to say, didn’t take me more than about 12 seconds to say yes.



I’m not a cruise expert by any means, this will actually only be my second after a spring break trip on a carnival cruise maybe a decade ago. But, have to say that Norwegian Cruise Lines set up this cruise so it was pretty damn hard to say no.

First benefit: The Price.

Pound for pound, I still think that a cruise is a pretty good deal. If you book at the right time you can get them for amazingly cheap prices, as low as $50 and even $30 a day. Not bad considering it includes transportation, sleeping and food, plus the basically near constant entertainment.

We ended up booking just about 10 days before the actual cruise, for $1210 total, just over $600 a person, including taxes and fees. And, it looks like that was the perfect time, since just a day or two after we booked the prices started going up.

Second benefit: No Flying

Yup, you read that right. Turns out not all cruises leave from Florida. After a little bit of research we found out that there are cruises that leave not only from Boston, but also New York City, New Jersey, Baltimore and Charleston, South Carolina.

This made the trip even sweeter, since first my sister isn’t a big fan of flying, and we didn’t have to worry about spending money on the flight or booking a hotel the night before just in case. So it’s still not quite hit me yet that I can just drive to the port and walk on the ship. No need for squeezing my shampoo into those stupid 2 ounce containers!

Third benefit: The Destination

Of course, probably the biggest benefit of this cruise is the destination: Bermuda. Granted I’ve been twice before on family vacations, but it is one beautiful spot. What I love about Bermuda is it feels like you are really far away, but it’s only less than two hours (flying) from Boston.

Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome! The pink sandy beaches, clear blue waters, pastel colored houses, rum swizzles…..oh yea.

We head out this weekend, so will have a full report on the trip when we get back.

Bon Voyage!!