Apptastic: Flight Track Free

Travel App Roundup

Technology is here to stay, so why not take advantage?

I never leave home without my smartphone, and now I can’t even think about going on a trip without my iPad. So, I want to make sure I’ve got everything I need to get from home to vacation with no headaches.

Each month I’ll feature some travel apps that you can use to make sure you are getting the most out of technology to help you to travel.

Flight Track Free

The Flight Track family of travel apps has it going on. They have Flight Track Free, Flight Track, and Flight Track Pro. You get a cookie if you guessed that the app has something to do with tracking flights!

Ok let’s get on with it.

What I like about Flight Track Free is that it’s easy. How annoying is it to get the airport ahead of schedule for your flight only to find out it has been delayed? Or, that it changed gates and now you have to run across the airport for departure?

Where I use it the most is for when I land in unfamiliar airports. Although I may be able to negotiate Boston’s Logan Airport with my eyes closed, I get pretty lost in LAX, or Miami, or Philly. Flight Track Free will tell me where my departure and landing gates are, and where to get my luggage for the flight I am on.

I also love that I can figure out where I am in the skies. When flying through multiple time zones, combined with a pre-flight Jameson and ginger and all that recycled air my brain doesn’t like doing travel math.

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