7 Blogs for Travel Inspiration in 2012

The New Year always means one thing, new vacation planning. Find inspiration from anywhere: friends, movies, books, magazines, but most importantly, I find other travel blogs give me a ton of tips and insights into places to hit up in the coming year.

Here are 7 travel blogs that you should know about in 2012, and follow.

For International Inspiration:

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: Matt has been traveling practically non-stop since 2005 and has been virtually everywhere. Although he will be slowing down his travels in the coming year, this is a one stop shop for some amazing tips on a ton of locations, from Boliva to the Trans-Siberian Railway, he’s been there. To read more from Matt, check out 11 Reasons Why I Love Thailand.

Everything-Everywhere: Gary’s site is one of the best travel blogs out there. Traveling all over the world since 2007, he is a self described National Geographic nut and has visited over 150 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Gary also features a ton of really amazing photos on his blog from his travels, if you need inspiration on where to go, this should be one of your first stops. To read more from Gary, check out Swimming with Great White Sharks in South Africa.

For Aspiring Travel Hackers:

The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris Guillebeau has a goal to travel to every country in the world by the time he is in his early 30’s. With 2012 approaching, he only has 16 to go. Recent trips include Somaliland and Mauritania. Chris is also one of the best travel hackers out there, he rarely pays much, if at all for his trips, and has a ton of great info on his site for ways you can grab a few free trips, as well as some outstanding products on travel hacking. To read more from Chris, check out How to Use Frequent Flier Miles to go Anywhere.

Million Mile Secrets: Daraius makes a point of traveling as much as he can while spending as little as possible on airfare and hotels. He provides strategies, tips, tricks and information on using the system to work the best for your travel goals. With over three million miles and points, he has the proof to back it up. And, Million Mile Secrets is a one stop shop for all the latest airline and hotel deals out there. To read more from Daraius, check out Reader Tips.

For Nature Lovers:

National Parks Traveler: Arguably the premiere site on the US National Parks, Kurt has run this blog since 2005. From aspiring nature lovers or seasoned hikers, any one who is interested in the National Parks can learn some really valuable information from this site. From the National Parks road trip series to news information on Congressional rulings, this is the place to hit first before you pack up your gear. To read more from Kurt and co, check out Summer Special: Visiting National Parks by Train.

For Travel Photographers:

Stuck in Customs: If you want to see an amazing photo of a travel destination every day, then look no further. Trey is a legit photographer and has some really stunning photos. If you don’t want to immediately hop on a plane after seeing some of these, then clearly the travel bug is dormant. In addition to the photos, he offers almost daily video recordings of interviews and tips, as well has eguides on how to take some beautiful pictures yourself. To read more from Trey, check out The Sorbonne.

Ken Kaminesky Photography: Another fantastic photographer, Ken takes pictures from all over the world. He takes equally beautiful pictures of natural landscapes as stunning architectural buildings. His site has made me realize there is more to travel photography than just landscapes or city views. Highly recommended for any budding photographers out there. To read more from Ken check out The Most Beautiful Library in the World?

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  • They are all good blogs. Two new ones for me to read. Love the photography blogs as well. Like you say, it inspires you to push yourself further when you are taking that picture.

    • Liz

      Thanks, Natalie. I totally agree, now that I have my first DSLR, I am really getting into improving my photography skills and seeing some amazing pictures is great inspiration.

  • This is a great, great list. Thanks for sharing.

    • Liz

      Thanks, Mike. Let me know if you guys have any sites you really enjoy, am always open to great reading.

  • Solid list. We’re already familiar with many of these, but Stuck In Customs and National Park Traveler are new to us. We’ll check ’em out!

    • Liz

      Awesome, thanks Bret. Let me know if you have any sites you love, as well.

  • Liz, found your site helpful. Thanks for the posts. Cool theme too with the UK postal outline.

    • Liz

      Thanks very much, the site theme’s credit goes 100% to Woo Themes, if I made it myself, it might be a bit scary!

  • Great sites! I’d never heard of the national parks traveler blog before and plan on checking it out. Thanks for the great list!