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I’ve been reading a lot lately about the “Bucket List Phenomena” of late, the theory being, that since many of us in our mid 20s to mid 30s are more focused on work life balances, than straight up making money, we have these lists of things we would like to complete in our lives. Many of us have realized that life does not start at retirement, but with some planning and determination, now.

I love the idea of a bucket list, I look at it as a challenge. For me, the key is to list things that are both theoretically achievable and of interest to me. Sure, I could put down ‘run a marathon,’ but in reality, while I think its an amazing accomplishment, I absolutely hate to run, so why stick something on there, that I know deep down, I’d never really actually do.

Another important thing is that everything doesn’t have to be a grand ambition, as I said above, I hate running, but always wanted to complete a race, so on my list, a 5K, which seems pretty simple to a lot of people, but to me, something to be proud of.

I cannot stress enough: your list has to be things that work for you. There is no shame in any game, its a personal thing, and goes with your own personal life philosophies and desires. This list is a living, breathing thing, it can be adjusted and adapted, nothing is set in stone, the list will only be better if you continuously add or subtract it, based on what’s important to your life.

The other key is to write your list down. A list is a tangible thing, it can help challenge us. I read in the comments of another blog posting on the subject a story about a person who makes two lists, the first, a 100 point bucket list, the second, a list of all the things that have been accomplished on the first. The idea being, if you’re a little down about what you haven’t accomplished on your main list, look at the second, just knocking off one item is pretty impressive.

So my challenge to you is to make a list, it can be 5 things, 50 things or 100 things, and in the spirit of full transparency, check out my list below (you can also find it on The List tab above), thus far I’ve accomplished maybe seven things (marked with an ×), and one of them was in the course of our blogging relationship, so keep trucking, if I can help you, I will, since that’s on my list too.

Bucket List

1. stand on a glacier
2. volunteer in africa
3. learn enough of one language to have a conversation in it with a native
4. see the northern lights
5. see a penguin in the wild
6. have a photograph published
7. have 1,000 readers on my blog
8. hike mt washington
9. run a 5k
10. do a multi day race for charity
11. set up a scholarship fund
12. win a season of fantasy baseball ×
13. see the first sunrise at the easternmost point in the usa ×
14. swim with sharks ×
15. go to the super bowl
16. know 10 constellations and where they are
17. be able to hike with only a map and compass
18. visit patagonia
19. see mt everest
20. visit new zealand
21. go to the places my ancestors come from
22. visit 50 national parks
23. go on a cross country road trip
24. visit vancouver
25. take a cooking class in a foreign country
26. times square on new years eve ×
27. earn a belt in a martial art
28. enter a cooking contest
29. learn to play an instrument
30. go to oktoberfest
31. sleep in an igloo
32. visit iceland
33. get something i wrote published
34. be 100% happy in life
35. get married once
36. raise children
37. own a home
38. attend the world cup ×
39. build a house with habitat for humanity
40. take a vacation to somewhere new every year
41. learn to scuba dive
42. never stop wanting to learn
43. read all the books on a top 100 list
44. spend a night in the dessert
45. find a passion
46. learn to sail
47. see the america’s cup
48. go fishing – deep sea, ice, fly
49. hike a section of the appalachian trail
50. visit at least 100 countries
51. live in a different country ×
52. sleep in a hammock on the beach
53. be able to fold 10 things in origami
54. go on a meditation retreat
55. watch a hockey game in canada
56. spend a night in a castle
57. watch my team at a college bowl game
58. go to antartica
59. walk the trail at machu picchu
60. see petra jordan
61. drive a dog sled
62. go on a safari
63. cut down my own christmas tree
64. spend christmas in switzerland or scandanavia
65. go to a baseball game in japan
66. be able to identify 10 different birds (beyond the very common)
67. go to lego land in denmark
68. see a premiere league game in england
69. go to the do lectures
70. go to the olympics
71. learn how to make an authentic dish from 10 different cultures
72. make my own beer or hard cider
73. watch a shuttle launching
74. be an active member of a club
75. work for myself
76. make my own bbq sauce
77. visit cinque terra italy
78. go to the mit sports conference
79. try snowboarding
80. have no debt
81. write a manifesto
82. meet a president
83. fly in a jet
84. ride a horse
85. go to the outback
86. learn how to make a fire
87. try surfing
88. help someone complete a bucket list item
89. win a hand of poker at a casino
90. go on a train vacation
91. grow a garden
92. build a well with charity water

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