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As some of you might have read in this post, I had planned on spending New Year’s in Lubec, Maine to see the sunrise in the Easternmost point in the USA on New Year’s Day, be with the first group to greet 2011 so to speak. Well, I’m happy to report, mission accomplished!

Below is a link with a number of pictures I took (with my new Panasonic Lumix TS-10 – gear review on that later):

Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

But for those of you who feel you do enough link clicking in life, I’ll plop a few pictures in here for your viewing pleasure.

And, of course, what you have all been waiting for, a video of the Sardine drop in neighboring (well let’s say neighboring via the ocean, not at all neighboring via the tiny and dark roads that populate this part of Maine) Eastport, which I think has the claim to fame of being the Easternmost ‘city’ in the USA.

Sardine Drop

What I will say is this, I was astounded by the natural beauty of the area, and surprised by it. I grew up spending the summers in Wells Beach, Maine, about an hour and a half drive from Boston, and have since frequented the Maine Beaches and South Coast, and have always loved the rock cliffs that predominate the scenery. What I found around Lubec, and especially once we went over to Campobello Island in New Brunswick, that it looked like what I imagined the Pacific Northwest did, lots of evergreens right down to the water on a semi rocky shore.

Lubec is located right on the edge of the Bay of Fundy, which is kind of a wonderland of geology, home to some of the largest tide differentials in the world, and a place to spot amazing wildlife. On our trip alone we spotted loons, a bald eagle and a bobcat roaming around. Considering it’s technically the dead of winter, that’s pretty good. During the summer and fall months apparently you can see whales breaching right from shore, as well as puffin nests, deer and even moose!

I am already trying to plan a trip back in late summer or early fall, I think catching the changing of the leaves in September, along with the ability to see some animals out and about would be outstanding, and I would highly recommend a trip to Lubec.

Campobello Island was actually a bonus trip, I don’t think we realized how close Canada actually was, just a bridge ride away. The island’s claim to fame is that it was the summer home of the Roosevelts (FDR especially) in the early part of the century, they loved the peacefulness and natural beauty of the island, and I can totally see why. I would virtually demand it as a side trip, we hit up the Herring Cove Park and it was just amazing. I was channeling my Man vs. Wild, and expecting to see a bear come lumbering out of the woods.

I also want to give a major league shout out to the West Quoddy Head Station Rentals, they offer fantastic rental cabins at even better prices, and within walking distance to the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and well as Quoddy Head National Park, a perfect place to stay if you want to get your nature on. I would never plan on staying anywhere else.

So, all in all, an excellent trip, barely any time off work, and less for an entire long weekend than I would have spent in one night anywhere in Boston or especially New York City. Not to mention, of course, another check mark on the ubiquitous bucket list, but more importantly, I found a spot that I absolutely loved, and plan on returning. Moral of the story, being unconventional can be a huge win.

Oh yea, for all you keeping score, the temperatures were mid 40s, I didn’t even pack a piece of my new long underwear collection.

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