Dealing with Vacation Disappointment

Some of my more astute and long term readers might be wondering why I haven’t been blogging about the trip to the UK I had mentioned in a few of my previous posts. In fact, I should have been traipsing around England and Scotland for the last two weeks, returning today groggy but refreshed from my nature based vacation. I was set, to go, hostels booked, trains picked out, camera charged with an extra battery, wrapping up at work and then….



I play softball a few nights a week after work in a summer league for my department against other teams that work for my organization. With two games left before I was to head out on vacation, I was a little disappointed to be missing the playoffs on my trip, but it was hardly a comparison. As I was rounding first base and heading to second on my extra base hit (extolling my softball playing skills will have to be another post), I heard a loud pop and felt like I was kicked in the calf, I stopped in my tracks and turned around to glare at the first baseman of the other team, who I assumed had kicked me and saw that no one was near me. I moved to take a step back towards first, lifted up my left leg and was instantly panicked when it felt like my heel was no longer attached to my leg.

Achilles worst enemy...

I tore my Achilles. The subsequent ER visit confirmed. I was to board a plane to hike the Scottish Highlands, Lakes District and Yorkshire Dales in 7 days. Shit.

So long story short, I saw my orthopedic surgeon, he removed my fiberglass cast and put me in what is now affectionately called the ‘robo-boot,’ an intimidating looking mass of Velcro and hard black plastic. It’s my new best friend for the next 8 weeks, well technically now 5 weeks and some change since I’m just past the two weeks mark, I sleep in it, I shower in it, my foot has been free of the robo-boot maybe an hour out of the last three weeks.

The trip, he declared was a no go, not even to just hop (literally) on a plane and somehow hobble myself to my friends wedding (the original reason behind the trip), getting my tendon to start reattaching at this point was so critical any even slight jolt or bump would cause damage and require me to head into surgery, something I really wanted to avoid.

So, the trip was canceled. To add insult to injury – I now have an intimate knowledge of exactly what this phrase is supposed to mean – I was forced to spend the week I should have been on vacation canceling my vacation. The good news is, barring just a small fee here and there, I was able to reclaim most of the money back from the hotels and train (yet another point to endear me to the the British), and the miles for my ticket were delivered back into the proper account.

My BFF, the robo-boot.

I am 100% sure I am not the only person in the world who has been forced to cancel a vacation at the last minute, so I bet a few of you out there have had to do it as well. It can be tough, to be sure, but life goes on, and getting angry or upset is not the best way to deal with this.

Am I pissed, of course, but trying to look on the bright side has its benefits.

I am planning on going back to the UK once I am healed, so at least through robo-casts and doctors appointments and physical therapy I have something to look forward to. A prize for my success, so to speak. And, on this trip, I will be able to spend more time with my friends, things won’t be as hectic, and instead of seeing Scotland alone, we could all go together.

With all the extra money I have in the bank saved for my trip the UK, I’m planning on taking a mini-break somewhere warm once I’m out of the robo-cast and more stable on my feet. Laying by a pool or on a beach would be a perfect pro-tendon themed holiday, don’t you think?

With the ending of every vacation comes the chance to plan for the next one, somewhere bigger and better perhaps, or somewhere slow paced, somewhere you’ve never been, or a place that is familiar and comfortable. The options are endless. And, if you are a nerd like me, half of the fun in vacations is planning and researching them, starting fresh has given me just a little bit of my vacation glow back, not to mention the 10 days off I was going to take back.

Until then, I try to look on the bright side and appreciate the little things, I spend a lot more time looking out the window especially during sunset, and a lot less time looking for matching socks.


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