Don’t Forget the Turkey

Yesterday I had Father’s Day lunch (happy belated fathers day to all my readers) at one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants in my hometown when my family got to talking about exotic and not often thought about destinations. As I was waxing philosophical on a tour of Morocco that has piqued my interest, my sister interrupted and said she’d love to go to Turkey.

Her main source of interest in Turkey is of course the history. She is a history teacher in training and loves all things ancient and historic, which you can’t get much better than finding there. The crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, it has a pretty spectacular resume, I’m talking about ancient Troy, Alexander the Great, the Ottoman Empire, the Crusades, a huge amount of history has happened in this neck of the woods that has had major impacts on the development of all of us, regardless where in the world we come from.

Throw in the added benefit of beautiful Mediterranean weather and some of the world’s best food (remember crossroads!) and who wouldn’t want to head there?

The other great thing about Turkey, especially on the coastline is the fantastic diving. Think about it, how many boats from all over the world have set off passing these waters, so this area has been home to the discovery of many an ancient coin, vessel or boat.

Just checking out the view...from the castle

If you really want to combine beautiful scenery, with eye opening diving and toss a little learning in, try holidays in Bodrum. Not only is Bodrum home to Halicarnassus – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world (check that off the list), but within Bodrum Castle (built in the 15th century during the Crusades) is the Museum of Underwater Archeology, incidentally, the world’s biggest and most impressive. If you are a diver, how cool would it be to take the plunge in an archeology based session?

Not bad for the 15th century!

I could get used to that view.

Ok, so it’s possible that maybe the whole diving archeology deal isn’t you’re thing. Don’t feel left out if you just want to escape the cold chill on the beach and enjoy the hot Mediterranean sun, without spending a fortune, there’s a vacation for you too! How about budget holidays to Marmaris? Besides is crystal clear beaches, Marmaris is known for its abundance of nightlife, its secret wine region is said to rival those of France and Italy, and the natural beauty is virtually second to none.

Take a break from the beach and enjoy a hike.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of an exotic vacation, where you can still enjoy the sun well into October, visit some ruins, splash around in blue-green water, and make the vast majority of your friends envious, then a vacation in Turkey could be the solution for you! I might have to start listening to my sister more often!

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