Escape the Cold…..Espana!

I don’t know about you, since you could be living in some fantastically warm wonderland, but for the rest of us in reality, there are seasons, and I, for one, am over winter. It’s always about this time of year, after you get the first little taste of spring, and the temperatures pop up into the 60s, that summer doesn’t seem so far off after all.

And then, Mother Nature slaps you right back into reality. I’m not really sure where else but New England can it be 70 degrees one Friday, and the next an inch of snow.

Times like this make me think of exotic destinations that are always warm, like Spain.

Travel always picks up my mood, and I can get a little boost to keep me going by just planning a faux trip here and there. As I was watching the snow fall outside my window, today I put together a little mini itinerary of all the hot spots….literally.

One of the great things about a place like Spain is that there are a ton of places to go. Because its one of the larger countries in Europe, Spain holidays have a lot to offer. Stroll the grand boulevards to take in beauty of Madrid, or have the meal of your life in Barcelona, check up on your history in Granada which had almost 1,000 years of Muslim rule, or take in the fascinating culture of Basque Country. Looks pretty nice right, lots of that inviting Mediterranean climate going on there.

But, since this is my imaginary trip, and I seriously need a defrosting, I’m heading to Tenerife, baby! If you didn’t know, Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands, which is also part of Spain, bonus! And the fantastic thing that you can do while on your real Spanish break is to take a short (and pretty inexpensive) flight over to the Canaries for some cheap Tenerife holidays.

“Well, I was eating tapas in Barcelona,” you’ll say, “and it just occurred to us how lovely it would be to lay on the beach, so we thought we’d just dip over to Tenerife for the weekend.”

And most likely, after you regain consciousness from being knocked out by the friend you’re telling this to, it won’t matter, because there is nothing like the feeling of just returning home from a fantastic vacation. Well, you know, besides the whole vacation thing, but you know what I mean!

How about laying on the beach, on black volcanic seashores, average temperature is 70 degrees, average hours of sunshine 8…sigh.

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