Exchange Rate Vacations

We all know the pound basically whoops the dollar’s butt in the global market, and I know this especially well since I will be heading to England and Scotland in just a few weeks for vacation. My hard earned dollars are basically cut by a third the minute I set foot on British soil. Of course I don’t let that stop me, I love the UK and am happy to spend my dollars there. But, if you pay a bit of attention to currency exchange rates, a great and affordable vacation is totally within reach.

Picture copyright to Liz Froment

Dueling jumbo jets.

Let’s look at it in the reverse, though. If you use the pound as your currency then vacationing in the US is like hitting the jackpot! Since I have a lot of readers in the British Isles and Ireland (a big cheers from across the pond), I figure I’d send a little love your way.

Right now as I’m writing this for every 62 pounds you get 100 USD. If I’m British, that’s pretty damn good. So, now might be as great a time as any to check out a trip to America.

Let’s start with airfare, it’s an open secret that flights to the US from Europe are way cheaper than the reverse. If I wanted to head out to Manchester in September, it’s pushing between $800-1,000 which frankly, puts a bit of a dent in my vacation funds. But, looking for flights to New York and the price is only between $625-$750, way more manageable, and frankly, a virtual bargain.

Picture copyright to Liz Froment

American's won't save any money going to Canada - but Europeans will.

Europeans can get a lot of great deals by heading over to North America, and we definitely welcome your tourist dollars! Check out online deals, use some of your six weeks of vacation and let us Yanks show you a fantastic time.

With the entire global economy suffering, and the US having a lot of political issues regarding our own economic future, tourism is hurting many places. So, now is as great a time as ever to book a trip to a place where your own currency is king. Americans, for instance, could benefit going to Argentina where $100USD gets you 412 Pesos, or Thailand where your $100USD goes even further to get you 3,000 Bhat, or even Kenya where $100USD provides 8,975 Shillings.

So, next time you are thinking about booking, look for a place where your currency might carry a long way. Granted the flight might be more on the pricey side, but the money you save in the exchange should more than make up for it.