Expedition1000 – Mississippi River Paddle

In addition to my day job, and my blogging job, I also do a little interning on the side, I like to keep things interesting, and if I don’t keep myself busy, I’ll devolve to a quivering puddle of mush on the couch. Anyway, today’s post is about Expedition1000, a project I’ve been helping out with for the past few months.

Expedition1000 is a global challenge that will take British adventurer, author, motivational speaker, filmmaker, and international man of mystery Dave Cornthwaite on 25 separate journeys, each at least 1,000 miles in distance, powered without any sort of motorized transport.

Pretty incredible, right?

So far, Dave has skateboarded across Australia, 3,638 miles from Perth to Brisbane, for a Guinness World Record.


BoardFree Australia

Then he walked and kayaked the 1,538 mile length of Australia’s Murray River.


Murray River Australia

Then he smartened up and decided to come to North America for a little adventure. In April he completed a 1,400 mile tandem bicycle journey with Australian Adventurer Sebastian Terry over a two week span from Vancouver, BC, to Las Vegas, completing the 3rd trip for Dave and #51 on Sebastians list of 100 Things.


Tandem - Vancouver to Vegas

Next up, starting on June 20th, Dave will travel the length of the Mississippi River, source to sea via stand up paddleboard.

Yes, stand up paddleboard. That’s three months, over a million strokes, and I’m guessing more than a few tubes of sunscreen.

So beyond the glory of having job title of: adventurer, Dave is really doing this to raise money, a lot of money, one million pounds (which is like 15 million US dollars with the exchange rate) for two great causes, the AV Foundation who develops drinking water systems in Sub Saharan schools, and CoppaFeel, promoting breast cancer awareness.

Why the Mississippi? Beyond just adding another Guinness World Record into the mix, Dave is an Ambassador for The Blue Project, which aims to connect people through sport and showcasing all that nature has to offer.


Blue Mile Hero

And what better way to showcase how important preserving our waterways is than highlighting the mighty Mississippi (come on, you knew I was going to nerd out on you with some facts):
* The third largest drainage basin the in the world
* 60% of all North American birds use the Mississippi River Basin as their migratory flyway
* 241 fish species inhabit the river and its tributaries
* 10 states share a border with the Mississippi
* The river and its tributaries supply drinking water for 18 million people
* 60% of all grain exported from the US is shipped via the Mississippi
* The Mississippi River Basin produces 92% of America’s agricultural exports

In light of the recent flooding this spring, there is no better time than now to bring attention to the Mississippi and what it has to offer. Keeping the Mississippi clean and open is vital not only to North America, but the rest of the world as well.


You know you want a photo like this on your Facebook wall

The best part of all of this is that you can get involved. Remember yesterday’s post Travel for a Cause, perfect timing! The best way to get this expedition to be a huge success is to get the word out. Dave is the master at connecting with people while out on his voyages, he constantly updates, journals, blogs, photographs and videos whats going on. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Expedition1000’s main page.

The easiest thing you can do is just donate. By pledging only $1 you can sponsor a mile on the Mississippi! Then when Dave hits that mile, he’ll snap a picture, and boom, you’re own personal memento of how awesome and generous you are.

Or, if I have inspired you with my words, why not join Dave out on the river? Rack up your own Blue Miles, donate to the cause and paddle along with Dave for a bit, how cool would that be to tick off your bucket list?

If you live near the Mississippi, this is a great chance to get involved! We are looking for people to spread the word, host some events, get people out to the river and make a lot of noise about the Mississippi River Paddle!


You snooze you lose

And clearly Dave isn’t stopping after this trip, next up he’s planning to ride a horse across Mongolia, paraglide 1,000 miles along the Himalayas, row across the Indian Ocean, and ski to the South Pole. While he’s planning all that, he figured he might as well squeeze in a freecross over Europe in the Spring, and a cycle across the US and Canada in the Fall of 2012!

So if you think the project is amazing as I do, spread the world, get out and paddle or donate, (or if you are a multi-tasker, all three).

See you on the river!


  1. The Travel Chica

    I cannot imagine how one could possibly go down a river on a stand up paddle board! I guess we will soon be finding out.

  2. Liz

    If anyone can do it, Dave can. He already paddled across Lake Geneva as a warm up. I will be updating on Expedition1000 regularly, so stay tuned!

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