Fairy Godmother Wishes

Today, we’re gonna play a game.


Let’s pretend I’m your fairy Godmother, or fairy LizMother. I am giving you two weeks off from your job and $5,000. You have to pack your bag and leave tomorrow.

Where are you headed?

I’ve got to choose between a few options…..

I can get my DSLR on here.

I've always wanted to just see the Himalayas.

I want to stand on a glacier dammit!!

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  • Sue

    I hope as my fairy godmother you can get me there without having to pay for airfare! I would start by spending time in the Amalfi Coast with 3 nights in Capri and 3 in Ravello, followed by 6 nights in a villa in Tuscany, taking day trips to Siena, San Gimignano, and Lucca as well as visiting wine vineyards and perhaps take a cooking class. Sounds wonderful. Now I need to stop day dreaming and get back to work!

    • Liz

      Sounds pretty good, Sue, I have the Amalfi Coast in my sights for sure.

  • I would spend those 2 weeks between Indonesia and Thailand! *sigh* One day!

  • Sam

    I’d go with Africa!

    • Liz

      I think I might be leaning towards Africa myself, Sam. Trip of a lifetime.

  • Vienna. I was there many years ago and have always wanted to return. Such a beautiful place.

    • Liz

      Vienna is a very pretty place, when I went my parents told me I HAD to go to Demels, they were right it was pretty good.

  • Oh, that’s easy. Cambodia. It’s my dream, and I stupidly cut it out of a trip I did a little while ago. I want to see Phnom Penh, eat amazing food, and see some of the really cool contemporary art that is happening there. (PS, I SO wish you were my fairy godmother! Do you mind if I use this great idea on my site?)

    • Liz

      Cambodia is an interesting one! Yea, of course, help yourself to your very own Fairy Godmother-dom!

  • Katie

    I wish For old nick Jr