Favorite Sites

I think every good blogger has a bunch of other blogs that serve as inspiration. Though I haven’t been in the blogging community for very long, those I have been able to communicate with have been really helpful and supportive.

It’s always great to read a wide variety of sites to get different opinions, ideas, tips, trip deals, etc. Especially, for us travelers who have limited time. Even though I’m not looking at a Round the World type option for a trip (well at least not in the near future), the guys and girls who have offer a ton of information on destinations.

Works out for us, because we let them do the traveling, and then pick the places that look really beautiful, or get great reviews, or pique our interest in something cool.

So get reading and start planning:

Budget Travel Adventures – I like this site because like mine, it doesn’t solely focus on trips, but includes some great stuff to do in your backyard. Plus you have to play in the Where in the World series on Wednesdays.

A Dangerous Business – This site is a wealth of information, featuring other travelers, guides, tips and links to great posts all over the web.

Backpacking Matt
– Everyone knows I’m pretty obsessed with New Zealand, and lucky for Matt, he has been living there for a while during his travels, I love all of the posts he does on the country and will use them all before I head to the island.

Exceed Possibility – If you are more into adding a bit of adventure into your travels, check out this site and be inspired.

The Hiking Lady – As a semi-avid hiker (I’m planning an upcoming post blasting women’s hiking clothes), I’ve been following this site for a while, it’s a must read for the gear reviews alone.

Alastair Humphries – One of my favorite blogs, if you read a bit deeper you will see that it is just full of inspiration and great ideas for people to do things local that still feel like you are getting away.

Todd’s Wanderings
– Run by a blogging pro, this site has a ton of info on interesting destinations like Japan and Kosovo, for some who are interested in some off the beaten path trips, this is a great start.

2Backpackers – For an in depth look at destinations in Central and South America, go no further, this site has pretty much all you need.

Adventurous Kate
– Read up ladies, Kate spent six months in South East Asia solo, so beyond a huge amount of information on this travel hotspot, she gives some great ideas on how to go it alone.

Phil in the ____
– If Africa is your dream, check out this site. Phil has gone all over Africa, seen the good and the bad and writes about it all. After reading his blog you will certainly be inspired by all that Africa has to offer.

There you have it. A brief list of some great sites that I follow pretty often. If you have any suggestions on sites you love, or want me to check out your own site, let me know. I’m always happy to feature other bloggers and find more good reads.