Figure out Flight Times in a Minute

I’ve got 3 days off from work, perfect.

Time to start planning a little getaway. Problem is, it’s hard to always figure out where to go.

In just three days, I don’t really want to fly cross country, because I’ll lose so much time in travel. Something that is just two or three hours max from Boston is gonna work the best for me.

Now, I have to pull out Google Maps, and try to figure out where I think might be two or three hours away. Then coordinate with flight times, and now I’m overwhelmed with vacation planning and maybe I’ll just stay home.

You know the feeling, I’m sure.

Until yesterday when I came upon this site: Flight Times Map.

This is literally a one click way to figure out what the flight times are around the world from any destination of your pick. Maybe this vacation isn’t scuttled after all….

Take a look, go to the site and it looks just like your standard Google Maps:
flight time 1

Next, I just clicked on the map where Boston is, this gives me a bunch of circles that shows flight times in half hour increments.
flight time2

Now, since I’m only looking to go somewhere that takes 3 hours or less, it’s really easy for me to figure out spots to check out. Since it’s winter, I’d love to hit up somewhere a little bit warmer.

flight time3
Which makes me zero in right on the coastal Carolinas and Georgia. In just about 2 hours I could enjoying the weather in Myrtle Beach, Charleston or Savannah.

Not bad right? Since I know the time that I’m willing to travel and the weather I want to find, in about 2 minutes I can zero in on an area and start searching for flights right away, and brings me that much closer to vacation.

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