For the Win #1

Figured it sounded a little more interesting than “Things I Like.” Anyway, this is the first in a series I will be adding throughout the life of the blog on travel related things that provide an interesting twist on something conventional, an added benefit to a traveler, or just stuff I find cool. First up, is Hipmunk, a flight search engine like Kayak, but with a fantastic twist in that in addition to the typical sorts (duration, price, layover, etc.) Hipmunk allows a prospective traveler to sort by agony, yes, agony, brilliant. This sort takes all of the information I mentioned above and using some sort of geeky Silicon Valley algorithm, provides the flight that has the best perceived value of a traveler. Will it always be the cheapest, not necessarily, but I’d rather spend the extra $50 if it means I am not sitting in Newark for 3 hours on a layover. The interface is great, super easy to understand and the information is provided in the form of a chart, which gives a full view of all flight information in a bold visual format, rather than having to scroll up and down a list. Check out the screen shot to get an idea of the configuration. Once you decide on a flight, click through the departure and return legs, and then you will be brought to the Orbitz confirmation page. As of now, it appears they only link to Orbitz, so there isn’t the wide net that Kayak would provide in terms of prices, but I really find the organization of the search results really make a difference.

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