For the Win

Since I am an equal opportunity blogger, and like to help out all my readers, be it domestic (in the US) or abroad, I thought I would feature an international website For the Win, since beyond the ole US of A, my second biggest readership comes from the United Kingdom. Yay, you guys win! So, all the rest of you guys out there, (ahem Canada) if you want me to become more multicultural on this blog with travel tips for people outside of America, then you have to step up your game.

Ok, scolding over.

On to the next great travel website. I have a few friends in England and they are always just popping over to exotic destinations here and there for a few days, skiing in Croatia, stag do’s in Portugal, blah. I mean, yes, it is very cool, when you have so much more vacation time, plus you are way closer to cool places, AND the cost of the flights don’t require you to give up your first born, that makes for a good equation.

A pretty great way to make this happen is to book your cheap holidays from BeatTheBrochure.

The cool thing about BeatTheBrochure is two fold. First, you get great deals on flights to fun locations leaving from a ton of places in the UK. Which isn’t a total deal breaker for the rest of us, for example, when I am off in England for a wedding this summer, one of my friends who is also attending from the US, is going to swing by Paris for a few days in the middle of the trip after the wedding. With a site like this, its possible to have it all booked and ready to go (including baggage fees) before we even set foot off the ground in America.

Second, the it’s like having your own travel agent, but at a discount. All of the trips are planned with a ton of options so they can be tailored to your time, budget, hotel locations, etc., its all custom. So, if you’re thinking about holidays to Alcudia, to check out all those Roman ruins, then it’s pretty simple.

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