Get Out Your Travel Photos!

Who doesn’t love travel photo’s, right?

Sometimes I get lazy, I don’t feel like reading, I just want to look at the pretty pictures. People who might catch me with my latest issue of National Geographic might think, ‘Wow, how well read, what an intellectual.’

Yea, not quite, most likely, I’m just looking at the pictures.

Since I am in the travel blog world, I see a million amazing travel photos every single day. So, I thought wouldn’t it be cool to feature some of those pictures in one place?

So, Daily Travel Photos was born.

I’ve used a few of my own photos, a few that have been submitted by friends, and some (with credit of course) that I’ve seen bouncing around online.

Best part, no reading, just looking.

If you want to share a few of your favorite travel photos leave a comment below, or shoot me an email, I’d love to get them up on the site. And then you can tell all your friends that you are a famous travel photographer.

At least that’s what I tell mine.


  1. Cat

    Love me some travel photos as well!! Also, glad to hear I’m not alone in devouring dozens (hundreds?) of National Geographic magazines with rarely ever actually reading anything unless it was a caption.

  2. Alan

    I recently walked the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands archipelago – these are some of the photos…

    • Prabhat

      Posted on Some great advice here Werner, it is true that if you do no SEO on your site then you can’t epcxet anything to happen. Whether you pay for it or do it yourself, it has to be done

  3. payje

    I love looking at people’s pictures! There are so many amazing places in this world. We’ve been living in Alaska this summer and I’ve taken about a billion pictures if you want to look at any of them!

  4. Karl

    Hi Liz,

    Our street and travel photographs are at If you fancy any, go ahead and post. 🙂

  5. Liz

    Thanks everyone for your responses, I’m so glad there are a few more of us who pretend to read like me 😉

    I love all the pictures that people have put up, as soon as I get the new site updated, I will be sure to feature all of you!!