Get Someone Else to Find Your Flight Deals

Do you want to spend you time on vacation or looking for flights?

You’re at work, up to your eyeballs in TPS reports, meetings, and paper, but in the back of your mind, that nagging feeling, vacation is scheduled in a month and you don’t have a flight.

For a lot of people, you work a full day, getting stuff done, there’s no time to look up flight info, not even during lunch break, and sometimes the last thing you want to do is to park yourself back in front of the computer and spend hours comparing Delta to Expedia to Orbitz to save a few bucks on your next vacation.

Solution: have someone do it for you.

Enter FlightFox.

So what is it? Basically this is how FlightFox works. You sign into the site enter your details (can be as complex as using only frequent flier miles with multiple stopovers, or as easy as a direct shot on a domestic vacation), pay the free which starts at $29 and basically sit back and relax.

The magically expert approved FlightFox flight finding experts (I know, I am one), then compete against each other to find the best flight for you that ticks all the boxes. At the end of the contest, you’ve got the best flight out there sitting right in your inbox. Book it and your good to go. Basically, it takes you all of 3 minutes to get your vacation set, easy peasy.

Remember though, that flights constantly change, especially in price, so once you get your results, don’t wait a few days to get buying, get online and secure your seat.

If the idea of paying a fee turns you off, think about it. How many hours do you spend looking for flights if you are searching for vacation, one hour, five hours? I know it’s really easy to fall right into the rabbit hole of clicking from site to site to site, and then suddenly you have 17 windows open on your laptop, a headache and can’t remember what flight you were looking for in the first place.

So $29 to avoid that, yea worth it in my opinion.

One Comment

  1. Jeremy Branham

    I like the hassle free approach and this may work for some people. However, finding the deal myself is part of the fun and I generally do a pretty good job 🙂