Greatest Airplane Design Ever?

Kulula is a low cost airline based out of South Africa. So, what right? There are a ton of low cost airlines both here in the US and around the world.

What immediately attracted my attention about this particular airline? It has to be the paint job. I don’t think I have ever voluntarily looked at a plane that closely in my life (with maybe the one exception of when I was flying home to Boston from Colorado and got forced to sit on a New York Jets painted Jet Blue plane, blech).

It’s nice to see that some companies like to have a little bit of fun!

Photo: - The Zippy Jet

Photo: - Camo Plane

Photo: - This Way Up Plane

Photo: - Flying 101 -- My personal favorite.

What do you think, does it make a difference to you if the plane has a cool design on it, does it make you think something different about the company?

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