Inside All my Travel Planning Secrets

Most people love vacations, but hate planning for them.

I, on the other hand, love both going on vacations and planning for them.

This makes me weird.

I know this because my vacation planning hating friends tell me so, and then they casually ask me if I know any cool hotels in Ko Lipe. Very tricky.

So, since over the past few blogging and traveling years I’ve got a good amount of info on great travel tips, I figured I might as well put all that knowledge to use to benefit people who are looking for help planning vacations to cut out on the time, stress and aggravation that goes into it all.

Introducing: The Two Weeks To Travel Vacation Planning Guide


In this 20 page guide I share a ton of great tips with zero space filling pretty pictures. And I also make sure to give you a ton of new content, this isn’t just me re-formatting ten old blog posts. I packed it full of really usable tips and information, I even used small font to prove how much great info is in there.

It includes:

* The best credit cards to use for hotel rewards points and airline frequent flier miles *
* The four top sites I only ever use to search for the best flight deals *
* Links to ‘Invitation Only’ luxury travel sites that send out amazing prices on hotels and vacations packages *

For this launch period I’m offering the guide at a major discount, just $0.00, yup you read that right, giving it away for free, what do you have to lose! So check it out during the launch period, and don’t worry after that you can always find the guide at the top of the toolbar or at this link.

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  • Erin

    Liz is the best trip planner, promise! I’m fairly certain that I am that travel planning hater that she is referring to. Thanks to Liz, I had the best time ever on my two week vacation in Asia. Not only did she book the best hotels for me but she also found the best and most efficient ways (i.e bus,train,van,plane) to get where I needed to go. I highly recommend this guide – I’ve purchased it myself….even though I’ll continue to try and milk her for all the free travel advice I can get! 😉 Well worth it!!

  • Like you, I love planning for trips as well! And honestly, I am pretty good at it. Sometimes planning the trip is just as much as fun as the trip itself (OK, not really but I do enjoy it). For me, the strategy is to save money, find places where I can connect, and enjoy the journey.

    Congrats on the new book! This should be awesome and very helpful for people!