House Hunters: Island Hunters

I know people look down on it, but I am not ashamed to admit I am an unabashed lover of House Hunters. My sister got me interested, and once they moved from the conventional House Hunters to House Hunters International, I was like booyeah baby.

What better way to live vicariously through a variety of destinations?

Feeling down from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the middle of January? Pull up the DVR and follow the Jones family on their search in Belize. Sweltering under in the middle of August? Follow Tim and Sarah as they search for their Swiss chalet.

Now, my friends, House Hunters has thrown a new gauntlet down: House Hunters Island Hunters. Zing!

The show has the traditional format as all House Hunters, but with a twist. These bastards are buying actual private islands. Yes, private freaking islands.

I know you are thinking, um yea don’t have a couple million available to buy a private island, so why not vacation on a few…

Cooper Island Beach Club

Located on the British Virgin Island of Tortola, this unspoiled plot of land boasts some incredible beachfront views of sunsets and sailboats, sounds like a pretty awesome vacation to me.

Kamalame Cay

Tucked away in the Bahamas, Kamalame has a seaplane landing area, three miles of beach and your own complementary golf cart upon arrival.

Sapibenega – The Kuna Lodge

As part of Panama’s San Blas Islands, this resort is pretty rustic and remote, so if you have the chops be sure to keep this place on your list.

The Meridian Club

On a private 800 acre island within the Turks and Caicos you will find Pine Cay where this gorgeous resort is located. Spend your day on private snorkel trips off the two miles of private beaches, and you will have the makings of a vacation you won’t ever forget.

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