Must Watch Movie – Attack of La Nina

A few weeks ago, I was poking around a few of my usual outdoors themed sites, and I came across maybe the trailer greatest trailer I have ever encountered:

Attack of La Nina

If you love to ski, run, literally run out the door to see this movie.

Attack of La Nina - Matchstick Productions

Must see movie!

Silverton Mountain, CO. Selkirk Wilderness, BC. Chatter Creek, BC. Sevens Pass, WA. Revelstoke, BC. Alyeska, AK.

Not only are these the locations of some of the best powder in North America, but also the locations where Attack of La Nina was filmed.


Amazing shots in Attack of La Nina by MSP.

According to Matchstick Productions, the premise of Attack of La Nina:

Chronicles the winter of 2010-2011, the deepest North American winter in recent history. “Attack of La Niña” showcases the talents of today’s best skiers in a journey through the snowiest winter of their lives. This action-packed Skiing film was captured using state-of-the-art cameras – demonstrates the limit of what is possible in modern freeskiing. Featuring super steep descents, unbelievably deep powder, and giant airs, “Attack of La Niña” will transport you to Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California, and many other world-class destinations.

If the beauty of the mountains aren’t enough to pull you right into the scenes, then prepare to be completely mesmerized by the likes of Sean Pettit, bit mountain skiing superstar, this guy literally flies off the screen. Then check out Bobby Brown, freeskiing rock star and king of the most recent X Games, nothing but huge air!


Hitting the powder in Attack of La Nina by MSP.

Attack of La Nina is the 22nd film by Matchstick Productions (MSP). Hands down one of the best ski production companies out there, MSP has won Powder Magazines “Move of the Year” seven times! Add to that nominations for Emmys for Outstanding Cinematography, and basically MSP knows how to make amazing ski movies.

So, by now, you must want to go see the movie right? Skiiers, snowboarders, hell even snowshoers will love this action packed film.

MSP has a huge following for their groundbreaking films, so take a look at the schedule for the 2011 World Tour. There have already been a bunch of sell outs, so be sure to find your local theater and purchase your tickets ahead of time. Oh and another reason to go, um the amazing prizes MSP is giving away at both the screenings and at the end of the World Tour.


Huge air on Attack of La Nina by MSP.

Any interest in Heliskiing at Alyeska Resort, maybe a pair of Salomon skis, or how about lift tickets at Crested Butte Mountain Resort….go for your chance at any of these prizes and more.

The good news is Attack of La Nina just premiered in Colorado September 19th to massive reviews. Check out what Cody Townsend of had to say, “totally f#&%@*$ awesome!”

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  • mike

    what a great movie! i´ve never seen so amazing powder like this! why isn´t every winter like the last one! it is awesome to see, whats possible with modern cameras, good riders and wonderful landscape. also i like the soundtrack very much! there is a playlist of attack of la nina: pray for snow

    • Liz

      Lol, very true Mike, I am much more of a fall and winter girl myself. The shots they are able to take with this movie are unreal!