My 5 Dream Christmas Vacation Destinations

Maybe it’s all that Rick Steves Christmas in Europe they always show on PBS around this time of year, but I cannot get enough of the idea of having Christmas in some exotic (and snowy) destinations.

Being from New England, it always seems very strange to me to see people celebrating a winter holiday wearing jorts and tee shirts. Where are your snow boots and -30 degrees down rated puffy jackets??

One year, we took off on a family vacation on Christmas Day and headed south to St. Thomas for a week. And while St. Thomas is awesome and the Marriott on the island is incredible, it felt really weird wishing a Happy New Years to everyone while standing on a sandy beach in flip flops and a sarong.

So, if you are looking for palm trees and mai-tais, I’m afraid you need to click back to this post, but if you want snow, mountains, more snow, and hot coco, then keep reading!


Christmas in London has a very Bridget Jones feeling about it don’t you think? Pop out of your hotel, grab your scarf and head off to explore one of my favorite cities.


I adore Quebec, it’s one of the few places in North America where you can really get that old world European feel. I’ve always wanted to spend a Christmas vacation wandering the streets of Old Town.


Ok, I know Swizerland is sort of general, but let’s face it, anywhere in Switzerland is pretty awesome. I spent a holiday in Lucerne once and it was just incredible, I’d love to spend Christmas vacation there too.


Have I mentioned before that I’m kinda obsessed with Canada? Yea, well I am. And when I was in Victoria this summer, I thought it was so beautiful that now I have to go back one Christmas.


And who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas at a luxury ski resort in Colorado? Exactly what I thought, even though my skiing ability is enough to send any pro running from the mountain, I love the look of the area lit up at night.