My 5 Travel Wish Destinations for 2013

With the end of the year coming, some people start thinking about their resolutions while others look fondly back on the previous 12 months, but for me I start thinking about vacation. At the start of every year I plan my dream destinations for the coming year, the places I plan on going and a couple of wish list items.

So, why not share?

I know you all would love to know what goes on in the deep scary recesses of my brain besides tumbleweeds, my famous cheesecake square recipe, fantasy football scores, and Channing Tatum’s abs.

Viceroy Hotel – Anguilla

I am not ashamed to admit that I have seen every episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises, yup I went there. For the past few weeks, the ladies from Atlanta have been staying at a sick resort in Anguilla called the Viceroy and it just looks incredible.

Evergreen Lodge – Yosemite

Growing up in the TV generation I spent time plopped in front of the tube during my childhood. One of my favorite shows was the Hanna-Barbera classic Yogi Bear who ran around with Boo-Boo at the fictional Jellystone National Park (based on Yellowstone). It got me hooked on my love of all things National Parks, and as I learned more about them I always have Yosemite at the top of my list (followed by Jellystone of course).

Hotel WO – Paris

Ahhh Paris, as you might have noticed from a few other recent posts, it has been on the brain lately. The city of lights is high on my list for 2013, and wouldn’t I love to have my pain et cafe in the mornings with this view! I love hotels in old cities that find a way to mix in the modern but also realize how important it is to stay true to the traditional architectural designs.

Banthai Village – Chiang Mai

I’ve been eyeing Southeast Asia forever, not only does it seem incredibly exotic (and cheap), but everyone I know who goes there just raves about the people and the natural beauty. I have to get this checked off my bucket list, and I think 2013 might be the year to get it done.

Auberge Place d’Armes – Quebec

One of my first real travel experiences was a junior high school trip to Quebec for my French class, we took the loooong ride up to Quebec from Boston and I instantly fell in love with the place. I felt like I was in another country, and our little group spent hours exploring the cobbled streets of the Old City. I cannot believe that I haven’t been back since, by I can’t wait to get back there.

Do you have any places that you know you’ll be hitting in 2013, anything on the dream destinations list?

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