My Favorite Site for Cheap Car Rentals

I never really liked dealing with car rental companies.

My deal.

So, I used to spend my time going back and forth between sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Hotwire trying to find the best deal on a car rental. But, have you ever noticed that the prices of cars can swing wildly from site to site?

Annoying, right?

Plus, you might not know, but certain aggregation sites have certain deals with specific brands and will exclude others. That’s why you won’t see airlines like Southwest or JetBlue when you are hitting up a search on Hotwire.

For my recent trip out to the Pacific Northwest I knew I’d need a car to get around. After a ton of searching I came across the site

I put in my info and have to tell you I was shocked when it told me it found a car rental for $79.

Yup, $79. That’s $9.50 per day.

I couldn’t pass up on that deal. Compact car 4 days, unlimited miles AND a GPS. #boom.