National Great Outdoors Month

June means a couple of things in terms of travel.

First, the summer is finally here.

Took long enough!

Second, summer is when most people head out on vacation, so I’m sure most of you are starting to think (or have already been thinking) about an upcoming trip, espeically if you are traveling with the kiddies, since they will be out of school. Third, prices usually start going up, since most people are either not creative enough (of course I’m not talking about you guys), or can’t (see above re: kids) travel other times of the year, you feel the ding in the wallet now.

By now we all know, I love me some outdoors, check out here, here, here, and here. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying my hardest to make you guys love it too.

And wouldn’t you know, perfect timing, since it’s National Great Outdoors Month! So now we have some good weather, fun and family friendly events, tossed in with nature appreciation, grilled food, floating on a lake or river and some awesome discounts on camping gear and sites. Sounds pretty good right?

And, in honor of that, this month I will be featuring a couple of posts about what you can do to best enjoy National Great Outdoors Month.

But if you aren’t down to just hang out in a tent, then check out some of these other creative ways to rough it with a little bit more luxury, while still being in the wild and not empty the bank account.

Take waterfront literally with the cabins at Santee Lakes, California. These babies start at $100 a night, sleep four to six comfortably and include wifi, a/c and a barbecue.

Haven’t you ever wanted to stay in a log cabin? Ozark Outdoors allows you’re choice of cabins on the Maremec River from $39 a night with cabins accommodating from 4 to 8 people. And when you’re not off hitting the nearby trails, wineries or golf courses, float your way down the river.

Experience the way Native American’s slept by booking a teepee for your outdoors adventure! As a way to celebrate and draw attention to their native tribes, some of Oregon’s State Parks offer a pretty unique way to sleep under the stars, and you don’t even need to bring a tent!

If you are down with the trends, try a yurt. No my friend they aren’t just for the steppes of central Asia anymore, yurts are being seen as a great (and green) way to enjoy the outdoors. Campgrounds that offer them are springing up all over the country, such as High Falls State Park in Georgia from $65 a night.

Always remember that there are creative ways to do pretty much anything. If you want to be outside but aren’t totally ready to tent it quite yet, search for some other options.

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