National Park Week

As you know by now, I love me some National Parks, in fact, just last week I was on vacation (bet you couldn’t tell by all my awesome postings), in Virginia and did the Yorktown Battlefield NPS tour. Fantastic as always, and probably the only place I feel more than happy to pay an admission fee to.

So, I am giving you plenty of advanced notice, National Park Week is coming up, April 16-24th. What does this mean for you? It means free access to every single one of the 394 National Parks.

And before I hear the excuses, there are National Parks everywhere.

There are National Parks in New York City, and Mississippi, and Hawaii, Nebraska and Minnesota.

There are National Parks that might just be a monument, or a house, or vast, or beautiful.

There are National Parks that are beaches, lakes, mountains, deserts, rainforest, glaciers and prairies.

You can find moments of quiet solitude on peaks and on battlefields, it is an incredible way to explore our shared histories, both natural and man-made, and all things that are unique to America alone, and I for one don’t think we can truly understand the American experience unless we see these places.

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