News Junkie? Visit the Newseum

newseum 911 display

A moving display of a piece of the Twin Towers with a backdrop of newspapers from around the world.

Love the news? Spend hours reading the latest stories or have Twitter alerts for breaking news?

If so, then head directly to Washington DC to visit the Newseum.

Taking up a full seven floors in the heart of DC, this museum is a tribute to all things news. I’m someone who isn’t a massive museum fan, I’m usually in and out in an hour or so, moving along quickly from display to display.

But, with the Newseum, I was hooked. We spent about 4 hours there on the first day, and then because the ticket is actually good for 48 hours, ducked back into the museum during one of those wonderful DC humidity downpours for an hour before heading off to the airport.

The exhibits are really varied, from a few different movies that cover Sports, 9/11 and the First Amendment rights, to some incredible displays.

The exhibits give you some really up close and personal look at items from some of the biggest news events (both happy and tragic) around the world.

Some of the most impact full exhibits for me were the 9/11 and Berlin Wall exhibits.

The Newseum actually has a number of pieces from the Twin Towers, including bits of the airplanes, credit cards, and even building passes, a really moving display of items.

The other big piece that I didn’t know about was that the Newseum has an actual large section of the Berlin Wall. It is one of the first displays when you walk in, so it really makes a statement, and was really interesting to see.

A lot of the exhibits rotate, so when I was there, they had a ton of never before scene photos from JFK and Jackie, which was cool to see, especially all of the shots taken on the Cape.

All in all, I would for sure recommend visiting there, I really enjoyed it and would certainly visit again next time I was in DC.

Have you been to the Newseum? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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