Oktoberfest by Retro Camera

I love the fall.

And the start to every fall begins with Oktoberfest, a crisp in the air at night, lots of beers and brats, a few oompas and I am in heaven.

Although going to Munich for the ‘official’ Oktoberfest has always been a travel wish of mine, lucky for me, the area where I grew up hosts a very active German Club, and they throw the Biggest Oktoberfest in New England.

With the economy in the tank, and travel suffering for those of us who have had to tighten our wallets, a lesson can be learned here.

Look local.

Sometimes, you can find really cool events that are short on money and provide a good day’s worth of entertainment within an hours drive or so. Everyone at Oktoberfest was having a blast. Half the crowd was dressed in traditional German gear, and the other half was still dancing a long with them. Local clubs like this one often have events all year round, and some even offer sports leagues and language classes.

Picture belongs to Liz Froment

A lineup of fine German brews.

Picture belongs to Liz Froment

Brats, sauerkraut and potato salad, delish.

Picture belongs to Liz Froment

One of my personal favorites, the potato pancake and apple sauce.

Pictures belong to Liz Froment

Listening to music in the pavilion.

Pictures belong to Liz Froment

The band gets everyone up out of the seats.

Pictures belong to Liz Froment

Dancing the night away.

Pictures belong to Liz Froment

Apple cake for dessert.

Many local areas with active German clubs will have Oktoberfest celebrations this time of year, check it out.

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  • I went to Oktoberfest a few years ago, and it is still one of the most fun trips I have ever had.

    • Liz

      Oh yea, totally amazing! Have you done a post on it?