Pack your Tent

It can be super frustrating when its finally time to take your long-awaited vacation, with your limited budget, and have to deal with a huge hotel bill. Of course, it depends on what kind of traveler you are, and where the trip is, but camping could be a great option. No, I don’t mean a camping trip, I mean a trip where you camp…yea, duh. So, I know what you’re thinking, “why the hell would I want to go on vacation and then I’m stuck sleeping on the ground, that sucks.” Not necessarily, grasshopper, it depends on a couple of factors. Since, I have actually done this myself a few times, let’s talk it out.

I have found in the world of hotels, as with real estate its all about location, location, location which means money, money, money. But location is based on what, tourist sites? Do I really want to go on vacation to hang around with a bunch of other people taking pictures of the same crap I am? Maybe not. But maybe you do, and if you are someone who relishes laying in a hotel room bed watching tv on your vacations, maybe this isn’t the posting for your full reading pleasure, but stick with me a minute.

I have done the whole camp vacation in Key West, multiple times actually, and it works perfectly. If you have not been to Key West, it’s a lot of fun, I will probably feature it in an upcoming A Few Days in… series, but is very very laid back, has sun, sand and lots of bars, which can’t hurt. The campground I have stayed in most often is Boyd’s at $55 bucks a night for up to 4 people, its a cheap bet, for sure, but surprisingly, they also have a bunch of amenities: heated swimming pool, fishing docks, laundry, free wifi, the ubiquitous tiki hut with big screen tv, game room, grilling areas, and of course the good ole dorm room style bathrooms.

A place like this works perfectly for a tropical beach vacation, we rented bikes, and a fifteen minute ride later we would be in downtown Key West, no need to worry about parking, drinking and driving or any other vacation downers. Not to mention, all the money saved on lodging allows for more money to be spent on fun activities like eating, drinking and snorkeling.

But, the actual point is that it can be done, just work out the location and the timing. Christmas in Sweden, tenting might not be the best option unless you happen to have all of the cold weather gear you summited Everest with. Overall, though might not be a bad option in a lot of places, I’m positive I saved a couple of hundred bucks doing this the times I have gone to Key West, and never didn’t have a good time, run into an issue or worry about much of anything.


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