Photgraphy Friday!

My friend Helena is a legit world traveler. After we all graduated from our respective colleges (or Uni’s as they say in England), she, the Brit, bravely set off on a full round the world voyage. She met amazing people, hit counties most people could only dream of, and has a tidy stack of pretty impressive pictures that I look at on Facebook over and over again.

Meanwhile, I did the ‘standard’ American thing, secure a job senior year of college, take two weeks off then immediately start working, only to look up in 45 years when it’s time to retire.

Who do you think made the better choice?

I could throw up a picture of me sitting at my desk if you need a visual, but in this case, I think Helena wins.

Anyway, here she is mountains, glaciers and all, in Chile, having an absolutely ‘brilliant’ time.


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