Photography Friday!

This week I get to add a little bit of exotic history to the Photography Friday. My friend Devi heads over to India every year to visit family and has some fantastic pictures, that I’m sure you will be seeing more of them over the coming weeks.

This picture is from Qutub Minar in New Delhi, it has a pretty fascinating history. Not only is it the tallest tower in India, but it is built on grounds that housed the last Hindu rulers of India, that complex was destroyed and pieces of it were then used to build the Qutub Minar. So there are places you can look and see some writings in Sanskrit as opposed to the majorities of the carvings which are quotes from the Koran in Arabic.

The Mintar itself is made from red sandstone and you can see here how amazingly intricate the carvings are, it’s pretty outstanding. I have to admit I’d never even heard of this before, but after seeing Devi’s pictures of it, makes me really want to go. Fascinating!

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  • Love the designs- really beautiful.

    • Liz

      Thanks! My friend has some fantastic pics from that trip, India is a pretty amazing place.