Photography Friday

Hey, check it out, it’s me on the bottom of the ocean!

Picture copyright to Liz Froment

Just chillin on the bottom of the ocean...

Pretty cool right? Play your cards right, and you too one day could walk on the bottom of the ocean with us adventure junkies.

I did this on a family vacation to St. Thomas a few years back, I also went swimming in a tank full of sharks (and no, not baby sharks), but my parents thought that wasn’t very photo worthy apparently and did not take a single picture the entire time me and my sister were in the tank. Of course, I am not bitter…

If you ever do go to St. Thomas (I highly recommend for a nice relaxing vacation), check out Coral World Ocean Park. That’s where we did both the Sea Trek and if you are feeling the need for a bit of an adrenaline rush, the Shark Encounter. The park itself is pretty cool, they have a bunch of interesting exhibits and a lot of interactive activities for all ages.

Anyway, after surviving the shark tank (and getting the free tee shirt to prove it!), we donned these giant helmets and went for a walk on the ocean floor for half an hour. I’ve never SCUBA dived so it was about as close as I’ve ever been, but was defiantly a cool experience.

Sure, maybe a bit touristy, but it’s experiences like these that I’m always willing to pay for. I can take a million pictures of beaches, and do a bunch of snorkeling all over the world, but for me, it’s totally worth doing something that will make a great memory. And of course, something like swimming with sharks and walking on the ocean floor are automatically items on everyone’s bucket list, so I guess there’s two things down, a million to go.

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  • Sheila

    Oh!! I want to try walking under the ocean, too! I don’t mind paying to experience it. Looks so much fun!

    • Liz

      Try it out next time you are on vacation, Shelia. It’s an experience you won’t forget!