Photography Friday

A week into October now, and Fall is definitely upon us. It is by far my own favorite season out of year for a bunch of reasons, first the weather – sunny and warm days with crisp cool nights, I can take my hiking boots and knit sweater collection back out! Then the food, butternut squash ravioli, pumpkin pies, mulled apple cider….I’m drooling. Get yourself to the local farmer’s market and find some of the freshest locally sourced food that you can, promise it will be delicious.

But, after all that, I’d have to say hands down the absolute best part of the fall is just being outside. Now is the time, get outside and enjoy it.

Since I am an amateur photographer, and with my new camera I will be taking a ton of shots this fall, so stay tuned to upcoming Photography Fridays and Your City:Unfiltered.

In the meantime though, get out and spend some time in nature, if you don’t want to leaf peep and do some hiking, look into your local farms. Many let you wander around and take some shots, and many more are always willing to have a few volunteer hands.

Picture copyright to Liz Froment

Drumlin Farm here in Massachusetts - an Audubon site.

The place where I took the picture is called Drumlin Farm. It’s part of the network of Audubon sites in Massachusetts. I’d never been before, but one day was looking to get out and take some pictures in a place that was pretty and not overly crowded. Drumlin hit the spot exactly. Not only did they have a petting area for a variety of animals, they had a few exhibits, hiking trails, a working vegetable garden, a flower and herb garden and a green house.

I hiked (not sure if you can use the term hiked really, but whatever) around some of the trails, which wandered around the working veggie garden – sprinkled with volunteers, then around a huge field which was left undeveloped for migrating birds, and past bushes full of wildflowers. Needless to say, I got a lot of great pictures, and really got to enjoy a very leisurely afternoon outside.

Look online in your area and I’m sure you can find some Audubon sites near you. Especially if you are working into enjoying the outdoors, this is a very easy way to get outside and do a bit of walking without exerting too much effort. I’d highly recommend visiting, or even becoming a member of some of these sites in the future. And if you take any great pics, send them to me to be featured in your very own Photography Friday!

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