Photography Friday!

Welcome back to Photography Friday!

In 2005, I “studied abroad” in the Greek Islands….I have the certificate somewhere to prove it. Anyway, we spent about a month living on the little island of Skopelos, and just as you would imagine, it was fantastic! You know how everyone is totally jealous at the end of the Bourne Identity when Matt Damon finds Franka chilling in the old moped shop on the Greek Island? Yea, I mean that was Mykonos, but still, you get the same general feel.

White washed buildings, fresh, I mean fresh seafood, crystal clear waters, makes me want to go back right now!

Anyway, this picture was taken by one of my good friends, Courtney, who I met on the trip, and I stole this off her Facebook page (with her permission of course). A view overlooking a little shallow inlet from the side of the road. Enjoy!

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