Photography Friday!

Winter is over! I say that as we actually got mini flurries this week in Rhode Island, but as I was saying, winter is over (officially on the 20th), so in honor of the end of snow for this year, though in New England sometimes you have to get into May to really see that happening, I am posting today’s entry to Photography Friday.

The photographer is yours truly. Though some might consider driving on a small road in a snowstorm a tinge unsafe, us adventurous folk just can’t pass up a good opportunity to snap a creative picture. So, one morning after the most recent foot of snow for that week, I took this shot as I was driving to work. I liked the idea of leaving the snow behind. So, my hope is, we can now say winter in our respective life rear-view mirrors for this year, and move onto spring!

Have a great weekend everyone, get outside!