Photography Friday – Autumn Colors

Being my favorite season in New England, I love being outside in the fall. Added to the fact that I just got a new Canon Rebel T3 camera, and I spend hours every weekend out trying to improve on my very amateur photography skills.

Thus far, I love the camera, and will post up a gear review upcoming, but let’s say once you switch from the point and shoot to a DSLR there is a bit of learning curve. I’ve been trying to teach myself a bit from reading online and of course practice and more practice!

Fall in New England

A beautiful fall afternoon in New England.

Since until recently, I’ve been pretty sedentary with my Achilles tear, I was happy to be released from my robo-boot earlier this month just in time to get some shots of fall leaves before they fade away.

I took this picture a few weeks ago just before the recent Hunter Moon at one of the local state parks that has a very cool series of wooden walkways built over a pond and marshy area. It was my first visit, but I will definitely go back again.

Make sure to get out and support your local state parks!