Photography Friday – Expedition1000 Edition

Is everyone surviving the heat? I hope so. Every time I think of Dave Cornthwaite and Tom Evans out in this paddling the Mississippi, I know I’m not nearly as hot as they must be!

But, paddle on they must, and they have been doing a great job, finally out of Minnesota and into the Wisconsin and now Iowa Mississippi waters. Dave has been busy giving talks, first in Minneapolis and Red Wing, and just this week in La Crosse with another talk coming up in mid August in Memphis.

I have to give a huge shout out to the local news of the Mississippi towns, they have been coming through in a huge way, and I certainly have felt the tide (pun intended?) shifting with some nice media momentum for Dave and Expedition1000.

Here’s a shot of Dave showing a front page piece of him in the La Crosse Tribune. Don’t forget to check out two of Expedition1000’s fantastic sponsors, The BLUE Mile, and Nite Watches for some really cool gear.

All photographs copyright to Dave Cornthwaite

The next American Superstar?

I’m also gonna throw out a little love this week to Tom Evans of Exceed Possibility (and also sponsored by Nite Watches), since he got a few moments in front of the camera too, well deserved for the amount of paddling he’s done with no experience, a true adventurer!

All photographs copyright to Dave Cornthwaite

My money's on Tom.

There you have it, a double duty photography Friday, enjoy your weekends, and make sure to toss a bit of cash to the AV Foundation and CoppaFeel on the Expedition1000 donations page. Also, for only $1.50 sponsor your own Mississippi Miles and you will get a picture from the river. I already got mine!

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