Photography Friday – Expedition1000 Edition

It always feels good when some hard work comes to fruition. So, imagine my pleasure when Dave Cornthwaite and Tom Evans got the welcome of a lifetime when they paddled into Memphis! Not only did the media have a great presence, but a ton of great people came out to rack up some Blue Miles and paddle with Dave and Tom.

All photography copyright Dave Cornthwaite

The cool people of Memphis.

They made quite the scene coming into Memphis, over twenty strong, and were greeted by TV news choppers and a fly by from some old WWII era planes!

Although Tom has finished his section of the journey – over 1,000 miles, you can still follow more of his adventures on his site, Exceed Possibility. Dave is continuing on and is on good pace to hit the Gulf around September 10th, and potentially the World Record for the longest journey via stand up paddleboard.

As always, to follow Expedition1000, check out the site here, and to support Dave or sponsor some of the remaining Mississippi Miles, check out the charities here.