Photography Friday – Expedition1000 Edition

By the time you read this, Dave Cornthwaite will only be a few days away from reaching the Gulf. If you have been following along this entire time, it’s a pretty amazing feat.

He has paddled over 2,200 of the 2,400 miles of the Mississippi! Dave is in perfect position to break the Guinness World Record for longest journey via stand up paddle board.

Remember back a few months ago, when the Mississippi was barely a few feet wide and the worst things Dave had to face were mosquitoes? Yea, well things have changed just a bit.

There are some new friends in the river now….

Pics copyright to Dave Cornthwaite

Hopefully this guy is not eyeing Dave for dessert.

Just because the Mississippi River source to sea expedition is coming to a close doesn’t mean that Expedition1000 is slowing down at all. Dave has a million projects in the works so until the next trip starts in a few months follow Dave on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information on what is coming up on Expedition1000 check out his Expeditions page, once the Mississippi paddle is over, Dave will have 21 more expeditions to go!

And, as an international man of mystery (as I like to call him), and a guy with many talents, it shouldn’t surprise you that Dave is an author too! Check out his first book, BoardFree, which details his record breaking skateboard trip across Australia. And, check out Dave’s second book, soon to be published, Date: Confessions of a Temporary Serial Dater, where he challenges himself to date 100 women in 100 days, with very hilarious results.

Finally, for all of those who have followed Dave’s journey and have donated to his charities, a huge thanks. If you have not, check them out, both fantastic causes and a little bit goes a long way.